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Join GSK to find out more about career opportunities in data science and analytics.

Our Data Science and Analytics teams are helping to transform what we do and how we do it at GSK. Together our teams are generating new insights that increase the probability of successfully creating transformational medicines for patients using advanced analytics, data science and machine learning.

Spanning all business and support functions at GSK, our teams include data scientists, analysts, and developers, who often work alongside a product manager, designer, and lead our digital transformation to tackle our most impactful business challenges.

We integrate and analyse complex, high-dimensional data sets and build novel, innovative data models to solve challenging business problems or identify untapped opportunities. We highlight the value that data can bring to drive better business choices, make advanced analytics a competitive advantage for GSK, and secure better health outcomes to deliver what matters most, better, and faster.

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Here is some more information about the types of analytical roles at GSK, roots into the business, and recruitment process.

Meet the GSK Team

Katy Mistretta, Senior Scientist
at GSK

Jack Hodgkinson, Statistical Programmer/
Analyst Placement Student at GSK

Karima Ahmad, Data Science
Apprentice at GSK

Lianne Greenland, Early Talent Attraction
Specialist at GSK

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