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Experian is a leading global information services company, providing data and analytics to clients globally. We believe data has the power to change lives. By helping people and organisations make the most of their data and information, we can make a positive difference to our society and communities.

The projects we work upon are so vast and can range from improving financial health globally to working with an online retailer to help them better understand who is visiting their website and interested in high-end fashion to determining what tv adverts are shown during the half time break of a football match dependant on the viewer and their current interest and needs.

Data determines everything we do, every decision we make and helps us give our clients the best advice for their business. That is why we are so excited to be partnering with Digdata, to give you the opportunity to gain insight into how we solve business problems every day.

Join us in our live online career challenges to find out the different questions we ask ourselves and the data we use to help answer them.

What’s involved?

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YEAR GROUPS 7-9, YEAR GROUPS 8-10 (Northern Ireland) & YEAR GROUPS S1-S3 (Scotland)

How can you help Playstation market their new game?

PlayStation are about to release a new Sonic Game to follow the recent Movie.

They have approached you and want to know what their target customers look like and what channel is best to reach them, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok?

First Step Challenge:
PlayStation have sent you a list of their previous customers, and Experian have added key information including age group and interests.

Can you identify which people from the dataset PlayStation should target to promote the new game?

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YEAR GROUPS 10-13 + FE , YEAR GROUPS 11-14 + FE (Northern Ireland) & YEAR GROUPS S4-S6 (Scotland)

How can you help Alton Towers get more visitors to their theme park in 2023?

Alton Towers are launching a new marketing campaign to encourage people to visit their theme park. The campaign has been designed to promote their two most popular access passes: day passes (park entry for one day with parking fees charged on top) and annual passes (unlimited entry for 12 months and free parking).

Creating and delivering marketing campaigns costs money, time and effort to manage, so it’s important that Alton Towers think about the type of people who they want to see their campaign and who are most likely to visit their theme park.

Next Step Challenge:
We need your help to identify who is their target audience(s) by using your own experiences and knowledge of visiting theme parks and working with our data to solve their business problem. Can you help us?

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How do BMW best promote the launch of their new electric vehicle to the right target groups?

A digital agency is preparing for the launch of the new BMW EV and have assigned you the task to identify relevant consumer profiles, determine potential audiences to promote to and areas of the UK where advertising will be the most effective for future sales.

Step Up Challenge:
We are seeking data scientists and data strategists to work on this career challenge by using our data to solve this digital agency’s problem, can you help?

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Meet the Directors of Data at Experian

Sarah Robertson,
Director of Product at Experian

Meet the FIRST STEP Career Challenge Team

Joe Reaney,
Marketing Data Consultant at Experian

Emer O’Sullivan,
Product Manager at Experian

James Walker,
Junior Data Developer at Experian

Meet the NEXT STEP Career Challenge Team

Tom Bendon,
Product Director at Experian

Mitko Genov,
Data Analyst at Experian

Diane Rose,
Data Developer at Experian

Meet the STEP UP Career Challenge Team

Krasimira Bozhinova,
Junior QA at Experian

Fabio Zancini,
Product Owner at Experian

Adam Blomfield,
Senior Data Analyst at Experian