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Following the success of our recent live online career challenges with CACI, we are pleased to present our promo video.

CACI launches Christmas with data

Christmas is a busy time of year for us all, end of term and school holidays await, endless shopping and present buying, Christmas parties, decorations and that incredible Christmas day dinner!

We work with shopping centres and high-profile brands globally to ensure trade runs smoothly all year round. The holiday period is particularly frantic, with up to 50% of annual trading done at this time. How do we make sure the stores get the desired presents into the hands that are going to unwrap them on the big day? With data of course!

Join our live online career challenges to find out how data is used to answer these questions:

Is it important who turns on the Christmas lights?

Where should a major sportswear brand launch their new sustainable range?

Who should a major sportswear brand invite to their launch party??

If you would like to meet the CACI team, gain virtual work experience and certification, register below to secure your space.

What’s involved?

CACI Career Challenge 1

CACI live 40-minute
briefing session

CACI Career Challenge 2

Students work on the challenge
in their own time

CACI Career Challenge 3

Recorded industry

CACI Career Challenge 4

Certification of virtual
work experience

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Meet the CACI Marketing Science Team

A welcome from Tracy Weir, Managing Director at CACI

Tracy Weir,
Managing Director at CACI

Meet the FIRST STEP Career Challenge Team

Hannah Smith, Senior Consultant in the Consulting Group at CACI

John Platt, Director in the
Property Consulting Group at CACI

Mark Edwards, Head of
Data Visualisation at CACI

Meet the STEP UP Career Challenge Team

Richard Tomlinson, Head of the
Data Science Team at CACI

Laura Griffiths,
Account Manager at CACI

Matthew Cowley,
Data Scientist at CACI

Meet the NEXT STEP Career Challenge Team

Paul Langston, Associate Partner in the
Location Intelligence Group at CACI

Olivia Longmore, Consultant in the
Location Analytics team at CACI

Mark Edwards, Head of
Data Visualisation at CACI

CACI do amazing things with data

We combine knowledge, innovation and enthusiasm for data and everything it can do.

Our bread and butter is helping our customers understand their customers. From detailed demographic profiling, to understanding how people work live and play, we have a unique understanding of how people interact with places. When you walk down the high street, the stores you see are there because the data says that’s where they should be. CACI help those brands make that decision.

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