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From fashion to finance, sport to social media, travel to telecoms, data and information is used in business to make decisions, every day. The variety of roles and career opportunities in data is huge and growing all the time across numerous industry sectors.

The skills required for a career in data are broad, so whether you’re a creative, a problem solver, a storyteller, an inventor, or a number cruncher – you can combine your natural skills, interests, and passions with your favourite curriculum subjects to find a role that is right for you.

Check out our videos below, to see how data is collected and used every day in a few different industry sectors, helping shape all of our lives. If you think a career in data could be for you, register now and get involved!

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Live online career challenges commencing October 2021

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Careers in travel and tourism
Data can take you where you need to go!

Careers in event planning
Data is used to create memories

Careers in the music industry
Data brings music to our ears

Careers in sport
Sports professional use data to be the best!

Careers in retail
Data is vital for all retailers to succeed

Careers in sport
We can’t all be Olympians but we can have a great career in sport!

Careers in health
What data do you use to keep fit and healthy?

Careers in entertainment
Not everyone can be a superstar DJ but… can you play a part in promoting one?

Live online career challenges commencing October 2021

register now fo free

Ben’s career journey, from sports science to marketing science.

How does Esther use data to blog about London?

Sarah is keen to teach her students how maths
is used every day in the data industry

Aidan’s an Engineer, how is he using data everyday?

Sinead loves gaining virtual work experience to make future decisions

Taylor is using data to provide a good customer experience

How does sewing how Brooklyn in her role at Just Eat?

Why is Adobera keen to learn more about a career in data?

Listen to why Anh Tu loves his job in data

Shannon tells stories using data everyday…

Lucy’s dream is to become a physiotherapist,
how is data helping her succeed?

Cormac’s dream is to become an Astrophysicist,
how will data connect him to the stars?