Digdata classroom resource FAQs

Do my students have to access to technology in the lesson?
No! These resources have been designed so that you can run them just from the main projector. We suggest you bring students up to replicate the techniques that are demonstrated in the videos in the presentation.

Of course, if they do have individual access that is brilliant! All you will need to do is make sure they have the spreadsheet open during the lesson.

I’m not really that confident with technology and spreadsheets myself, does that matter?
No! The businesses that we work with to create the resources provide videos which demonstrate the skills you need for each task. These videos are embedded in the presentation. No prior skills and knowledge are required!

We do hope that you encourage students to do some additional work after the lesson. They would need access to technology at home or in the library for this.

How long will the activities take?
You can use them in one full lesson (approximately 1 hour) or if you have regular form time, you can do one section at a time:

1. The business
2. The challenge
3. The data
4. The technical skill
5. The findings

Do I need to do lots of preparation?
No! We recommend that you just read through the presentation before the session. You may need to print a worksheet but we have tried to limit this as much as possible. During the session you will need to run the presentation and have the spreadsheet open and navigate between them.

Will these resources help me meet the Gatsby Benchmarks?
Yes! You will be linking the curriculum learning to careers (4) and enabling students to have encounters with employers and employees (5).

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