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The Data Inspiration Group are inviting leading brands and services to partner with us as data champions. We will work closely with you to develop interactive live online career challenges and live online career panels, providing you with a direct path to students from 12+ through to university level and enabling you to nurture and harness future talent.

There are many other benefits to becoming a Digdata partner:

  • The Digdata programme is flexible and tailored to your requirements. You can get involved as much or as little as you want, with activities timed to fit in with your recruitment drive.
  • You can provide details of your placement and internship opportunities via a link to your dedicated data champion page on the Digdata website.
  • You can also set specific career challenges, aimed at Uni + HE students, as the first stage in the recruitment process for your placement and internships. Digdata will co-ordinate the further stages, including interviews, until the successful candidate(s) is onboarded.
  • We invite you to showcase your junior team members, with between one to four years’ experience, across multiple business functions. By taking part in the live online career challenges and live online career panels as the face of your brand, they will help attract future talent by providing students with relatable role models.
  • Getting involved in the Digdata programme also provides your young professionals with a great CPD opportunity. By acting as brand ambassadors, they will develop their communication skills and build confidence.
  • Digdata can help you build a diverse and inclusive team. We have a huge outreach across the UK and our programme is fully accessible to all students, with our technology platform hosting up to 10,000 participants for each event.

By encouraging collaboration between education and industry, together we can inspire the next generation of data stars to get involved and discover the pathways to an exciting and fulfilling career.

To find out more about what’s involved in becoming a data champion and to discuss a tailor-made partnership package, get in touch with Rachel Keane, our Chief Data Inspirer
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